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Golf swing story book
Golf swing picture book
Golf swing sketch book

Golf swing story book

There are many interpretations of the golf swing which have produced successful professional results.

Learn how great players from the past like Sam Snead, Lee Trevino, Ben Hogan actually used the same mechanics as anybody on the tour today. Using Bernard  Cooke and Irv Schloss´s brilliant analysis skills you will be able to connect the past with the present to understand what really matters in the swing.

You will also have access to books, articles and correspondence revealing the two enormously experienced men´s deep unterstanding of the swing.

Golf swing picture book

A rich mixture of players who played there part in the development of the swing. These films are available for the first time - NEVER SEEN BEFORE.

Each player, male or female, will be analyzed according to Irv Schloss´s or Bernard Cooke´s unique approach. Tiger Woods, Moe Norman, Miller Barber, Harry Vardon, Jack Nicklaus, Bobby Jones and so many more will be seen and understood like never before.

Golf swing sketch book

A unique artistic approach to analyse the swings of interesting players. See their typical strength and "mistake" in a sketch drawing.


Along with regular articles on past and present topics this section will be fed constantly with new discussion points, giving you a chance to connect the mechanics of the great players of all past eras with yourself.

You will learn to concentrate on the right points and throw out uneconomical thoughts. Bill Knowles (the expert on Bernard and Irv´s mechanics) will be available to answer all problems and give you an insight that goes beyond the standard information.

We will be discussing subjects ranging from Tiger Woods to stretching.

Discounts & Rewards

Our Members will have the opportunity to choose throughout the year from special exclusive limited prints and artwork in the Discount & Reward section.

We will start with the "Open Series" - an artistic interpretation of the Open history. 



The history of golf teaching, inspired by an unpublished article from Bernard Cooke and continuing on to the complete history of the game. Artistic stories and images from Bill using the knowledge and philosophy of Bernard and Irv combining all three teachers to make a unique documentation of golf`s roots.

Access to the most creative golf swing and art platform available, and with a 24/7 access.

Specialized and inventive forms of passing information like a sketch analysis section that focuses equally on players from the past and present, analyzing their elements artistically with technical comments. This side will be growing at a fast rate as contributions are regularly submitted.

Three new fantastic films from the Bernard Cooke and Irv Schloss collection every month, developing into the most extensive swing library in the world.
Books, articles and correspondence that have never been published are made available exclusively on this site.

Exclusive access to the methods and teachings of Bernard and Irv according to your individual needs in our blog section.

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