art.: AuP_Vardon

160,65 net: 135 € | gross: 160.65 €


Harry Vardon was the greatest player of his era. Two sketches that work well together and are experimental in their style. The Vardon image is created using Chinese ink pens and ink with a little watercolour to fill in the spaces. Experimenting with different materials and styles is one of the joys of painting. To establish one style that associates an artist with his work is often very fruitful but can stifle talent. Being only a short time in art school means I must take each painting with a fresh start. I never know how I will get there, although I partly know what I want. For me this keeps the paintings fresh and unpretentious.


Colour print set on 300g/m² - William Turner Art paper, handsigned by the artist

Size available:

297 x 420 mm / 11,69 x 16,50 inch 

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