Arnold Palmer - Series 1

art.: AuP_V_Palmer-Series1

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Arnold Palmer is one of my favourite subjects and has been a customer for some years. Some of these prints on offer are owned by the great man himself. The whole collection offers an all round look into the swing of Arnold from several angles; the dynamics and energy os only matched by Tiger Woods in his earlier years. Some players just have a message in how they move and who they are, and Arnold is really a king. This series was actually done as a group of three over a week. The main medium used was ink although in this painting I used wax to create texture in the large mass of his back. The paintings were made on rough arches 300 gram paper.


Colour print set on 300g/m² - William Turner Art paper, handsigned by the artist

Size available:

329 x 400 mm / 12.95 x 15.75 inch

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