Payne Stewart shoes

art.: AuP_Paynestewartshoes

249,90 net: 210 € | gross: 249.9 €


We will always remember Payne Stewart as the grat star who lost his life in a plane accident. One of the great characters of the game who provided great colour along with an impeccable game. The icon series are painted with the main aspect being the portrait element. The players are either portrayed facially, in a characteristic swing pose or with a famous characteristic. Although I have paid attention to exactness of features I have still allowed the artistic interpretation to lead the way. For me there is nothing more boring than an exact copy, skilled as it is‐let`s leave that to the photographic section. The emphasis on Stewarts feet helps focus on one of the many facets of his personality ‐ while many will remember him for his plus 4s he also like to put gold caps on his shoes. This image combines fluid watercolour with opaque ink helping to create a startling image.


Colour print set on 300g/m² - William Turner Art paper, handsigned by the artist

Size available:

17,32 inch x 12,95 inch | 440  x 329 mm

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