Mrs Beddows

art.: AuP_Mrsbeddows

297,50 net: 250 € | gross: 297.5 €


The idea of an English series is the result of living in Germany for many years. This is one of those series that will grow when an idea comes to mind with a special English touch to it. The general themes are either something a little bizarre or a warm and cosy feel. This picture happened while I was researching information for a photo story about the history of ladies international golf. Edith Beddows appeared throughout the twentieth century playing good golf into her eighties and left a strong mark on my subconscious as a typical example of British stiff upper lip. The subtle warm colours dominated the painting along with the SLIPPERS. Original is on 100 x 60 canvas using acrylic paint.


Colour print set on 300g/m² - William Turner Art paper, handsigned by the artist

Size available:

15,74 inch x  17,71 inch | 400 x 450 mm

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