George Bayer

art.: cH02

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A series of photos featuring the great players and characters of the late 40`s and 50`s. The golf game is so rich with its players and history. George Bayer was known for his prodigious length thanks to his huge frame. Six foot five and 230 pounds of massive power. In a time of clubs built for players only five foot ten and with small wooden heads Bayer hit the ball regularly in the 300 yard plus distance.


  • Image 1: 170 yards - wedge
  • Image 2: finished
  • Image 3: power forearms
  • Image 4: The putt
  • Image 5: well balanced
  • Image 6: with the media

Size available:

  • 8,3 inch x 11,70 inch | DIN A4 21cm x 29,7cm
  • 5,83 inch x 8,28 inch | DIN A5 14,8cm x 21cm

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