Lawson Little

art.: cH04

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Probably best known for being responsible for the introduction of rule 4‐3c in 1938 which prohibits a player to carry more than 14 clubs; Lawson carried more than 25 clubs in his bag, mostly wedges(clever guy). He established a reputation as one of the all‐time great match players in the 1930s. His professional career didn't live up to expectations, but he did win a U.S. Open. Nicknamed cannonball because of his short stocky frame and famous temper.


  • Image 1: elbows splayed
  • Image 2: reading line
  • Image 3: relaxed practice

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  • 8,3 inch x 11,70 inch | DIN A4 21cm x 29,7cm
  • 5,83 inch x 8,3 inch | DIN A5 14,8cm x 21cm

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