Sam Snead

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Slamming Sammy. Voted third best player of all time in 2000. Some have said he was the greatest athlete ever to pick up a golf club. Some say he was the greatest player of all time. Some refer to his 81 victories on the PGA Tour, the most ever. Some say his shooting under his age in a PGA Tour event was the most amazing fact (a 66 at age 67). Some might argue it was that he shot 60 at age 71 on the challenging, par‐72 Cascades Course in Virginia. It's hard to hang one tag on Sam Snead, but if I had to, it would be "He had the sweetest swing in the history of the game."


  • Image 1: Practice 1
  • Image 2: Practice 2
  • Image 3: Practice 3
  • Image 4: Snead, Jones and Woods, 1934

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