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The swing series photographs are part of the lifes work from Bernard Cooke and Irv Schloss.Mostly taken on the driving range using specialised equipment they recorded the movements of most of the tour pros playing over the period between 1965 and 2000.This is a section that will grow with the web site as there were many thousands of images taken.Charlie Sifford`s entry into golf was as most coloured youths began as a caddy at the age of thirteen. Later he competed in the golf tournaments that black golfers organized for themselves as they were excluded from the
PGA of America, and worked as a personal golf coach for band leader Billy Eckstine. He first attempted to qualify for a PGA Tour event at the 1952 Phoenix Open, using an invitation obtained by former World heavyweight boxing
champion Joe Louis and was subjected to threats and racial abuse there and at other tournaments. He became a member of the Tour in 1961 and went on to win two official money events. He also won the 1975 PGA Seniors' Championship, then the leading tournament for golfers over fifty.


  • Image 1: 1 - set up
  • Image 2: 2 - take away
  • Image 3: 3 - backswing
  • Image 4: 4 - forward drive
  • Image 5: 5 - contact
  • Image 6: 6 - release
  • Image 7: 7 - finish

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