The Story of

Golf meets art

The memories of Pymmes Park in north London 45 years ago and my first golf shot are still as vivid as if they were yesterday. It was one of the many par 3 pitch and putt courses existing in those days where you could rent two clubs, a ball and just fire away. The shot was a tricky 60 meter shot to an extremely small, badly maintained green. I hit the green without knowing this was the beginning of a love affair that would continue with a potent ferocious intensity until this day.

Only one other interest could distract my attention from golf over the following years (certainly not school) and would only happen when I had a pencil in my hand- art. Art has always been part of my life, as a large family of creative and artistic parents, cousins and uncles it seemed to be "in the blood" to create.

Unlike the normal dangers of two love affairs at the same time the two eventually became one, allowing me the pleasures of a blissful polygynous marriage.

The Head Pro

Today, as an artist and Golf professional it is so much fun to combine the two and put the many facets of the sport with all its colour, movement and energy down onto paper.

A flowing spontaneous style without rigid borderline or inhibitive exactness is the way I like to paint, expressing the power, emphasizing dynamics and creating explosions. Materials are limitless-charcoal, watercolor, oil, acrylic and ink-there are no preferences or big decisions until the painting is in process. In this way I stay loose and open to chance.

I hope you enjoy my work, which comes from within and is based on a thorough knowledge of the swing movement.
Good bye to stiff golf art.


The history of clubmaking is as old as the game itself and survived as the best way to buy golf clubs for five hundred years.

Bill, who is a highly qualified fitter with deep technical knowledge still loves to produce the traditional equipment he started making nearly 40 years ago for those individuals who require something different.


The Legacy of
Bernard Cooke and Irv Schloss

Around a thousand canisters of cine film and a couple of million images are just part of the legacy left behind by Bernard Cooke and Irv Schloss. Combined together the two great teachers, using their specialized equipment, created many thousands of feet of moving film and camera stills taken to accurately analyse the swings of the top players of the day. Along with the photographic material are many boxes of notes, unpublished articles and correspondence.


"The decision was made"

After ten years of considering what to do with all this wonderful information a decision was finally made. This web site is the result - created as a platform for presenting and reintroducing the talents and foresight of two of the most talented coaches in golf history.

Bernard Cooke and Irv Schloss

Bernard and Irv are both very much part of this web site.

A warm Thank you goes to Bernard’s son David Cooke who has been so helpful and generous when needed.

Not only will Bernard and Irv`s photography and words about the golf swing mechanics be made available, you will also have access to the philosophy and opinions of two of the greatest teachers in the last 100 years.

Both were widely successful in educating fellow colleagues, creating great golfers and supplying articles for circulation. 

Bernard’s and Irv`s goal was to create a simple pragmatic approach that allowed their pupils to develop their swings, without needing massive changes (Irv claimed changing was impossible) or unrealistic mechanics.


The swing method they taught was based on the common factors of the superstars of the previous 50 years. It was the same stars they photographed on the driving ranges of the major tournaments.

Jack Nicklaus, Ben Hogan, Gary Player, Arnold Palmer plus hundreds more were captured on Irv's and Bernard’s High Speed Cameras and analyzed intensively after.

The cameras helped them to establish the key points that only the greatest players possessed. By focusing on these key points and avoiding the mass of unnecessary thoughts that were (and still are) taught, they created a set of principles that were easier to understand and follow than any other method before and since.

We invite you to come in and take part in studying and learning what the two great men had to say. Like their teaching methods you will not be immediately saturated with information. You will be slowly fed the thoughts, wisdom and mechanics over a period of months. You will be able to discuss your opinions and share ideas with likeminded students. Bill Knowles, an expert on Bernard’s teaching system will be there to discuss your problems and create a platform for forums.

To enter this world of education, follow us on our member site.