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April 16

Golf swing story book

The perfect Golf Shaft

The perfect grip - sketch by Bill Knowles

The single most important thing, as far as my personal opinion goes, is how fast does the shaft return to its original position after it is flexed from striking a golf ball.

Short Game

If you analyse the professional’s short game techniques you’ll find all the common factors of the long game, but on a reduced scale.

Chapter five Golfbook

Fitness is important for any game and, for golf, it requires the ability to sustain that degree of physical effort, sufficient to enable a person to walk between, say six to seven thousand yards, usually over hilly terrain and pulling or carrying about ten kilograms of equipment.

Golf swing picture book

Bruce Crampton

Was one of the top players on the tour in the early seventies, although he was never to win a major. See, in high speed film, the swing that stood the test of time (winning 20 times on the Champions tour) in its most dynamic period.

Dow Finsterwald

Although known for his short game, he had a long game that was also respected, and he came close to Hogan in striking ability.

Dow played in four Ryder cups and won 11 times on the tour although he had only a short career span.

Pat Bradley

learned to be strong and competitive in a healthy family atmosphere, with five brothers to beat. Attainment came early and the tough character and sound swing was to take her through more than three successful decades.

Golf swing sketch book

Angel Cabrera

is sketched in contact where he demonstrates a sound ‘grounded’ footwork. One of Bernard and Irv’s main superstar elements is highlighted here.

Bruce Devlin

Golf sketch analysis by Bill Knowles -

This sketch focuses on the core energy of Bruce and how a tight coil of upper against lower body helps the legs to ‘sprint’ back on the forward return.

Nocera Gwladys

Golf sketch analysis by Bill Knowles - Spieth

makes a fantastic example of taken the middle out, or making the ball unimportant, as she swings from the top to the finish. It may not be possible to sketch but our analysis helps you to understand the elements.

Golf swing articles by Bill Knowles

Long hitting legends

Since the first day someone hit a stone with a stick somewhat further than his opponent on the Egyptian sands, Dutch fields or Scottish beaches, length has been a fascinating subject for every golfer, kolvenist or golf player that has existed. It`s natural, a human instinct, good for the ego to hit it long, or equally demoralizing for the soul when comprehensively ‘out hit.’


Long hitting habits

Let`s take a subjective approach here and use the thoughts and mechanics of John Daly on the swing, and see what works for him.

 “Make no mistake, the ability to outhit your opponent is an advantage at any level.” John Daly


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