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August 16

Golf swing story book

The Irv Schloss swing

This article turns the analysis back on the expert and studies the swing of the famous teacher himself.

The History of Golf - the future

The final article with summary of this century, Tiger, Rory, Jason, Jordan and then on into the future.

Bernard makes a number of comparisons between amateur and professional swings and how the former can achieve some of the latters qualities.

Golf swing picture book

Bob Murphy

Although better known for a great putting technique Bob’s swing is also worth a study, especially as he won a total of 23 professional tournaments. An extremely wide stance with splayed out feet are the first notable ‘different’ elements.  Find the film in our great archive of material now.

George Archer

As a pupil of Irv’s (see article in May) there are several films taken of the 1969 Masters winner. This new film in our archive was taken on the driving range while competing in the Citrus Open in the same year he won his major title.

Joanne Prentice

A six times winner on the PGA tour with close finishes in the majors qualifies Joanne for a swing study- although not possessing the dynamics of our modern day stars her swing is a good example for balance and swinging within yourself.

Golf swing sketch book

Carlotte Cigunda 1

Carlotte is a great example of collecting more energy at the start of the forward swing- the only place where Bernard would find hand activity good. Please find the detailed analysis in our memberpage this months.

Carlotte Cigunda 2

Golf sketch analysis by Bill Knowles -

In our second sketch of Carlotte we can enjoy the effects of progressive energy as she takes us to the ball and beyond.

Lydia Ko 2

Golf sketch analysis by Bill Knowles -

The second Lydia sketch on our site emphasizes another quality she possesses- the perfect usage of time- unhurried and almost leisurely at the top of her swing.

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