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December 15

Golf swing story book

History of golf and golf teaching

To take a glance through the notes to Thomas Kincaid written in 1687 should help provoke an argumentative Basis that there is little new in the principles of the golf swing.

Jordan Spieth

The perfect grip - sketch by Bill Knowles

The outward arching of Spieth`s wrist would have impressed Irv and Bernard, and they would have admired the slightly delayed `counter winding` of the left forearm through contact due to his marginally `weaker` grip.

Lesson Number One - The Grip

Some things in golf can be learned to a professional level in one short session. Others need complete understanding first, the grip is one of them. A pictured guide to the perfect grip

from Irv Schloss.

Chapter One Golf Book - The First 3 Holes

Join us on a game of golf through the eyes of Bernard Cooke.

The perfection trap

When a player of average abilities sees a video of his own swing, it’s invariably looks a mass of faults and, like the inexperienced teacher, is panicked in to correcting everything that appears to be out of place. This is when you fall into that “perfection trap”.

Golf swing picture book

Gary Player

This film was taken at the height of Gary`s game in 1974; it records in fantastic clarity the swing that won him nine majors, including achieving the grand slam.

As always the members will receive an accompanying tight description and be invited to discuss all aspects on the blog.

Charlie Sifford

Nobody will know how much Charlie may have won had he had access to all the tournaments he should have been entitled to, and not had the restrictions of his skin color.

This film is a unique documentation of the Sifford swing, and makes a sound argument that he would have been successful.

Betsy Rawls

One of the many ladies we will be showing taken at the height of their careers.

It`s easy to criticize imperfection, but I find it more interesting and helpful to consider a players qualities using a pragmatic attitude.

Golf swing sketch book

Ben Hogan

The man whose swing retained an almost mystical energy until modern mechanics seemed to finally clarify his `secrets`.

Enjoy our sketch analysis and accompanying illustration, with added comments that will help you to understand the essence of Hogan`s swing interpretation.

Bubba Watson

Golf sketch analysis by Bill Knowles - Ben Hogan

One of the great enigmas in the tournament world Bubba breaks all the perfectionist rules. These sort of swings are great to sketch and work on.

Gurus will only tell you how wonderful the movement is until a bad period enters- then all hell will be let loose. I hope he will provide us with a lot of material in the future.

Rory Mcllroy

Golf sketch analysis by Bill Knowles - Ben Hogan

The recent world number one has so many qualities I will have to provide at least six sketches-GREAT.

Enjoy this first one which focuses on Rory`s start back and carries a thought he uses and appreciates since childhood.

Golf swing articles by Bill Knowles

When a tiger swoopes stripes for spots

Irv Schloss maintained it was not possible to change your swing.

Many will disagree with that opinion-it took me thirty years to admit he was right. 

Read the full article in our members page ...

stretching for normal guys

I am sure there are a number of people who would like to avoid thinking their unfit and lazy specimens, just because it`s not there thing to stand stiff upright and rotate their arms around in a wild flapping movement, or touch their toes with straight knees and legs splayed just before they hit their first golf balls on the driving range.

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