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December 16

Golf swing picture book

Greg Norman

Greg Norman first appeared on the tour in 1978. Anybody who watched him hit the golf ball in those early days knew he was destined for the top. This high-speed film records the raw days and the energetic swing of a young man starting to establish himself as one of the world’s best players.

Calvin Peete

Mister accuracy himself, topping the ‘fairways hit’ statistics for ten years running makes Calvin’s swing worth a study, which is even more remarkable when you know he built his own swing around a broken arm that had not been set properly in childhood.

David Graham

A fantastic striker of the ball the Australian turned pro at sixteen years of age. He won two majors and 36 other tournaments spread throughout the globe. An extremely disciplined and tidy action is worth a closer scrutiny on our high-speed film selection this month.

Golf swing sketch book

Jack Nicklaus

Last months sketches were devoted to the greatest player of all time, this month his putting style is put under artistic scrutiny. Like our other two great putters of the past Jack had an unusual stance based on getting close and behind the ball, although he never looked comfortable he holed a lot of putts.

Leo Diegel

Golf sketch analysis by Bill Knowles -

This month focuses on putting and three successful styles that produced winning results. Each player makes an individual movement and represents a different era. The first sketched style is the famous one attributed to two times PGA winner Leo Diegel- always a great ball striker his putting was very poor, until he found this method-“Diegeling”

Bobby Locke

Golf sketch analysis by Bill Knowles -

Many knowledgeable historians will tell you that Bobby Locke was the best putter of all time. His style, which was based on producing topspin cannot be repeated, but some of his winning thoughts are interestingly caught and emphasized in a sketch.

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