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February 17

Golf swing picture book

Curtis Sifford

Curtis Sifford, the son of golf hall of fame inductee Charlie Sifford, demonstrates the qualities that also made him a player on the professional tour. Curtis makes a free flowing natural swing and is worth studying in the high speed film.

Ray Floyd

This early high speed film will help you to understand the swing of a player who had 66 Professional tour wins, including four majors. Studying and understanding the mechanics of Ray should help you to separate personal habits from mistakes

Kathy Ahern

Winner of the 1972 PGA Championship confirms the high-quality swing status of Kathy Ahern. A combination of width and speed was evident in her movement and are worth a study.

Golf swing sketch book

Annika Sorrenstam

Annika Sorrenstam is still one of the best examples of this movement quality. Both the sketch and double sketch seeks to emphasize why Annika’s swing was one of the most repetitive movements of all time.

Nancy Lopez

Golf sketch analysis by Bill Knowles -

What Nancy lacked in height was made up for with her heart and mind. Study the qualities that made Nancy so powerful and relatively long despite her lack of physical inches.

Inbee Park

Golf sketch analysis by Bill Knowles -

Inbee is another fantastic example of one of our other two champions qualities. Members will enjoy the visual qualities of the second sketch, which helps to clarify and emphasize the potential superstar qualities she possesses.

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