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January 16

Golf swing story book

Payne Stewarts exemplary golf swing

The perfect grip - sketch by Bill Knowles

I am often asked who I think has the best swing in professional golf. For years it was not too difficult to trot out Sam Snead, and while that may seem a bit “old hat” now, I still proclaim slamming Sam as having the exemplary golfing movement, with Hogan having the best mechanics.

Lesson Number Two - Position to the ball

An old-time professional once said to me, “Position in life is everything.” I say, proper position in golf is sixty per cent of what you have to learn. Without a proper position in golf, everything else you do could be wasted.

The holy grail

Among the many long golf swing conversations Bernard and I enjoyed was one special phone call he made late at night. It was a `Eureka` (got it) experience which Bernard had momentarily enjoyed (something the Germans call the Aha- effect), and he wanted to share it with me.

Chapter two ebook - Holes 4 to 6

The fourth hole is a 476 yard, par 5, where the big hitter has an alternative drive over the hedge on the left, near to the fairway. This hedge hides a fairway bunker, so you must risk a sandy reception.

Lee Trevino

The first two points to be noted about Lee Trevino are that he plays from an open stance and uses a "stronger" grip, i.e. with left hand more on top of shaft, right hand slightly more under.

Walter Simpson

Walter Simpson Bart would have been proud to know he was the first, when, with the support of St. Andrews he published his classic book `The art of golf` in 1887.

Golf swing picture book

Gibby Gilbert

Gibby Gilbert, famous for nearly catching Seve Ballesteros in the 1980 Masters after being nine strokes behind at the start of the last round, demonstrates his unusual but successful swing. Apart from the tour wins, Gibby still holds the course record for Pinehurst 2 with a 62 in the 1973 world Open.

Charles Coody

Charles Coody has a remarkable swing, study an action which was good enough to win the masters in 1971 and put Johnny Miller and Jack Nicklaus into runner up spots. Charles unique swing interpretation possessed classic mechanics that worked.

Mike Hill

Mike Hill, although a successful tour Pro in the seventies and later on the champions tour as well, never managed the fame of his brother Dave. The reason that more wins were not there was not because of lesser swing mechanics. 

Golf swing sketch book

Michelle Wie

Michelle Wie was seen, for a short time, as the female Tiger. Although she never succeeded in achieving (might still come yet) the heights suggested in her young years, Michelle, like Tiger, is a great example of dynamics and energy.

Joyce Wethered

Golf sketch analysis by Bill Knowles - Ben Hogan

Joyce was a phenomenon of her era, playing golf to a higher standard than all ladies before and for a while, after.

Seve Ballesteros

Golf sketch analysis by Bill Knowles - Ben Hogan

Seve Ballesteros demonstrates the effects of centrifugal arching and rotation of the arm, wrists and hands unit.

Golf swing articles by Bill Knowles

Paul Hahn - trick shot specialist

Paul Hahn was the specialist-shot king of the ‘50s and ‘60s, combining an unerring show-business ability with excellent trick-shot skills. Read more in our members page ...

The holy grail

Bernard was constantly on the look-out for the factors that made players great, those common factors that could be found on any of the top players of the day.

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