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January 17

Golf swing picture book

Johnny Miller

Now known for his no-nonsense dialogue as golf commentator on NBC television he was equally dynamic on the golf course in the mid-seventies. This film captures the swing that won the U.S. Open while at its best, recording a record 63 in the final round.

Jim Dent

At 6’ 3” and 235 pounds Jim was not short of length off the tee. Many stories are told of his raw power, but little visual information exists of Jim’s swing at its best. This is an Irv Schloss recording from the early seventies using a high-speed camera.

Jerelyn Britz

An all-round athlete who played golf for fun until advised she should try the tour. She took only a year to prepare and entered as a 30year old rookie in 1974. As a former winner of the U.S. Open her action is relevant to our swing library

Golf swing sketch book

3 Irish winners

What do three of the best players to come out of Ireland have in common apart from their nationality? This set of sketches will focus on a not-so-obvious element of the swing that could also help you to swing better.

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