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June 16

Golf swing story book

The maypole finish

The perfect grip - sketch by Bill Knowles

The ABC of a maypole finish : Acceleration, balance, cosmetic.

Learn what Bernard felt was a major quality in the players of the day.

A winning swing

It may be very difficult to decide the one player who has done the most for swing development; but there can be no doubt that one of the candidates for the greatest contributors has to be Harry Vardon.

Putting Stories

With the many themes in putting to deal with the saying that it’s “a game within a game” comes often to mind. It is also, in my opinion, the one area where gadgets can be helpful.

Golf swing picture book

Amy Alcott

A fantastic study of one of the all-time greats on the ladies tour with induction into the world golf hall of fame in 1999. Her swing displays most of the important aspects required to play at the highest level.

Tommy Aaron

A successful winner on the tour, which he competed on for three decades the greatest highlight was winning the U. S. Masters in 1973. This film shows Tommy’s swing as a young man but some of you may remember he became the oldest player to make the Masters cut in 2000 at 63 years old.

Hale Irwin

Demonstrates an extremely simple, no-nonsense swing (it could also be described as compact). Wide, in center and efficient it no surprise he had, and still continues to have a successful career.

Golf swing sketch book

Lydia Ko

Some players have more dynamic swing movements, but Lydia Ko shows how a repetitive rhythm and “quiet” feet can make you the best player in the world.

Tom Watson

Golf sketch analysis by Bill Knowles -

Winning the British Open five times would suggest you can deal with the elements better than anybody else. In his greatest period Watson was the best in the world- this sketch demonstrates one of the major qualities he possessed in his swing.

Mickey Wright

Golf sketch analysis by Bill Knowles - Spieth

The 10 to 2 swing, or three quarter swing, perhaps cut down swing. How did Micky Wright, one of the greatest women players in history make this shot, a shot her swing interpretation mechanics would handle perfectly.

Golf swing articles by Bill Knowles




There is a lot of current waffling and ringing the changes in teaching methods amounting to know more than calling a spade a gardening implement, mostly in an attempt to make a short term commercial advantage. Read what Irv and Bernard discussed about this subject.

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