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March 16

Golf swing story book

Woosnam the winner ( The million pound man).

The perfect grip - sketch by Bill Knowles

There has got to be something special about a golf swing which rewards its owner with over a million pounds, when so many pros simply go into debt. It must have superstar qualities, perfect rhythm and it must be backed up with a strong mental approach.

Camera Stories

There has been one man who did a great deal for golf and would have done a great deal more had he led a longer life. This man was the U.S.Open champion in the early 1900’s. He was once the president of the PGA and around 1929 or 1930 he was responsible for taking the first high speed pictures that accurately depicted the golf swing.

Chapter four Golfbook - Hole 9 - 11

As a teacher I have learned long ago to spot the over tense muscles and to root out the cause of these. For example, a taut left shoulder, sticking up like the Matterhorn in the assembly, can be analyzed down to a badly placed left hand grip.

Lesson Number Four - The Dynamics

Your first 3 lessons should have you at the top of the backswing properly on balance, with arms extended and muscles under controlled tension, ready to deliver a decisive blow to the ball, continuing on to the follow through position.

Golf swing picture book

Tony Jacklin

The swing that won back to back Opens, on both sides of the Atlantic, is recorded in detail for you to study. The Englishman never found the same winning formula after the early years again.

Sylvia Bertolaccini

She may now be better known as television commentator but Sylvia was an excellent player of her time. She makes such a good interpretation of width with excellent centering that, in spite of the old heavy equipment, her swing holds up with most players on the ladies tour today.

Bob Charles

The winning swing of the sixties helped New Zealander Charles to win tournaments in all corners of the world over a thirty year time span. Enjoy the ‘tight’ mechanics of his timeless swing.

Golf swing sketch book

Bobby Jones

Bobby Jones- An intriguing artistic description of the Jones golf swing. The focus is on his footwork, with a message about the right way to lift the left heel on the backswing.

Ariya Jutanagarn

Golf sketch analysis by Bill Knowles -

Ariya Jutanagarn - focusing on the source of her enormous power the sketch analysis, using artistic license, shows why the 5ft 7 inch young Thai girl can hit it so long   

Jordan Spieth

Golf sketch analysis by Bill Knowles - Spieth

Jordan Spieth- makes a great sketch and will receive more attention in the future. This sketch emphasizes the quality of Jordan’s movement in contact and past the ball.

Golf swing articles by Bill Knowles

Swingstories of the Solheim Cup

With the American team in a line on the range, playing wedges in at a target about 60 meters away, it could only be noted how each player was flighting the ball.

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