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Oktober 16

Golf swing picture book

Doug Ford

The winner of the 1957 masters and 19 tour events makes a good example of wide and low with full body turn, often misinterpreted as a short swing. Irv captured Doug in 1961 on his high speed camera.

Bob Toski

Did Bob swing as well as he teaches-the answer to that is yes. Bob has always been able to demonstrate his teachings by doing and demonstrates on instruction videos, but this film was taken while in his early days on the tour and shows him at his best.

Sandra Haynie

With 43 wins on the ladies tour, and four of those majors, makes a close look at the swing that produced for 20 years interesting. Irv took this film shortly after Sandra had won the U.S.Open and was playing some of her best golf.

Golf swing sketch book

Byron Nelson

Any swing which won eleven tournaments in a row with a scoring average of 69 seventy years ago is worth studying. This first of many to come sketches of Byron pays attention to the simplicity of his start back.

Chi Chi Rodrigues

Golf sketch analysis by Bill Knowles -

One of the great characters of golf Chi Chi was known for occasionally falling on his backside while dragging every element of power out of his small frame. This sketch emphasizes movement but is still interested in why it still worked so well

Stacy Lewis

Golf sketch analysis by Bill Knowles -

Currently number three in the world merits an analysis where we once again focus on an individual idiosyncrasy. Stacy finds a way to allow her body to turn in an uninhibited manner.

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