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September 16

Golf swing picture book

Sandra Spuzich

Winner of several tour events (including one U. S. Open) throughout three decades this sequence was taken in 1974 while at her peak and presents a powerful dynamic action.

Jim Colbert

Still going strong Jim was successful on both PGA and senior tours. This film presents his swing in 1974 in Pinehurst, which was in the earlier part of his playing career. It demonstrates all the elements required for success.

Julius Boros

25 wins with three majors, joining and succeeding on the tour late in life, at 29, is proof of a talented golfer. His swing was known for a more relaxed rhythm, yet this study taken in 1962 tells us he possessed mechanics that were far from ‘laid back.’

Golf swing sketch book

Danny Willett

Winner of the Masters 2016 brought Danny into the limelight, although he had been performing solidly for some time before. This sketch focuses on one of his major swing qualities and can be called a fundamental to a repeating movement.

Dustin Johnston

Golf sketch analysis by Bill Knowles -

Although sketched from the back Dustin’s powerful action is easily recognizable. The sketch angle helps pace emphasis on the body coil and helps you to understand where he collects his power.

Pam Barton

Golf sketch analysis by Bill Knowles -

A wonderful contrast to our two current male superstars Pam (late nineteen thirties star) shows how to use an active foot action to her advantage. One of the world’s current stars uses the same mannerism- find out who.

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