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J.B.Holmes shows how

Section 1

1) Collecting energy and connecting to my objective

The approach to the ball incorporates 90 % of the swing. We must find a point where both our body and mind are simultaneously focusing on achieving exactness in a fluid and uninhibited motion. We must be able to recall the same movement that creates a perfect shot using 14 different implements of different weight and length.


mike Souchak leads with the right side

2) Approach to the ball

It starts with our approach to the ball, you must find a swing routine that repeats with every shot. Routine is used to create a process to focus on the shot in hand. It is a tool we use to remove any outside influences and help us to mentally ‘connect’ with our target.


A Standard routine normally involves a walk from behind, and then from the right side into the ball. Study it in the great players. Find your own ‘pattern of procedure.’ Practice it-like the top players.


Routine and start

Swing initiation is your individual addition to ‘kick-starting’ the movement into a flow. It can be a mental ‘key thought’ or a physical ‘bump’ into action. A small movement can give the swing life, it can feed rhythm and fluidity into the movement or release and hinder built-up tension that accumulates in a static position. A small kick-start is there in every top players swing, sometimes it is obvious to the onlooker, sometimes it is a secret only the player is aware of. Find your own.


From routine to start.

Once our body is set over the ball we are in a fluxed state. The eyes will connect you to the target. Provide your body with the necessary information to proceed. Your gaze should be steady and sure- a quickly rotating head will tend to be followed with an equally nervous start.


Ready and alert

Be alert-focused to the job in hand. Be calm and CONNECTED WITH THE TARGET-body firm, muscles lightly stressed or taught.

Aphibarnret Kiradech


1) Relaxed in the fingers and wrists while creating a firm feeling in the spine.

2) Extended in the legs but comfortable in the shoulders.

3) Feel a light connection of the upper arms to your body (You are too far away when you do not have this quality).


Alert-Irv schloss article photo


For more detail and back-up information we recommend you read the first two chapters from the excellent article series by Irv Schloss starting in the December 2016 issue.


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